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What is SHIOK! subscription?

SHIOK! is a shipping incentive program exclusive to SGshop existing users, to encourage shipping parcels with heavier weight or larger volume.

The subscription plans go as follow:

Subscribe 1 month @ RM18.80; or

Subscribe 1 year @ RM188.00 (only RM 15.67 per month)

These subscriptions enable you to enjoy SHIOK! benefits within the subscription period.

What are the SHIOK! benefits?

  1. 30% Discount on Shipping Fee

    SHIOK! Subscriber enjoys 30% discount on International Shipping Fee for parcel weighed above 3KG, which includes all international shipping method. All products/items that are purchased/shipped through Buy-for-me, Smartshop and Ship-for-me services are eligible for SHIOK! Shipping Discount.

  2. No Maximum Cap for Discount

    There is no maximum cap for SHIOK! shipping discount, the discount is just pure formula of International Shipping Fee x 30%, which means The More You Ship, The More You Save!

  3. No Limitation of Usage

    SHIOK! Subscriber can enjoy unlimited 30% shipping discount for all your parcel above 3KG, as long as it is within subscription period, you can ship with discounts as many times as you want.

  4. Faster Order Processing

    SHIOK! Subscriber enjoys faster fulfilment process including purchasing, inspection and repackaging, as the orders are prioritized and handled ahead of others.

  5. Refer Friends and Get 100% Rebate

    SHIOK! Subscriber can get rebate in SGreward for every successful referral of SHIOK! Subscription. The more friends you refer, the more rebate you will get!

Who should subscribe for SHIOK!?

SHIOK! is most suitable for businesses, dropshippers and frequent online shoppers. As the shipping discount has no maximum cap and unlimited usage within subscription, you can ship as bulky/heavy and as many times as you want, and you still save big money. Even for one-time-per-month users, you can also subscribe for one month @ RM18.80 and get shipping discount more than the subscription fee if you are shipping parcel above 3KG using air shipping.

How to apply SHIOK! shipping discount for my parcel?

Within subscription period, the shipping discount will be automatically applied to your parcel and will be reflected as “SHIOK! Shipping Discount” when you are submitting delivery order (parcel) weighed above 3KG.

How to refer friends and get 100% rebate?

Share the exclusive link to your friends via social media, messaging apps or email, after your friends click the link and subscribe for SHIOK! successfully, you will receive an email notification of successful referral, which the rebate will then be credited to you as SGreward. SGreward can be used to purchase item.

The rebate is calculated based on your friends’ subscription fee by 100%. For e.g. When you are within subscription, invite friend to subscribe 1 year @ RM188.00, you will get SGreward RM188.00; If you invite 5 more friends to subscribe 1 year @ RM188.00, you will get extra SGreward RM940.00; and it goes on.

Can I refund or transfer my SHIOK! Subscription?

No, SHIOK! Subscription cannot be cancelled, refunded, or transferred to another username.

What is the T&Cs for SHIOK! shipping discount?

  1. Delivery order must be submitted and paid within subscription period;
  2. SHIOK! shipping discount is eligible to Buy-for-me, Smartshop and Ship-for-me services;
  3. SHIOK! shipping discount is eligible to all international shipping methods;
  4. Delivery order (parcel) must be weighed above 3KG;
  5. SHIOK! shipping discount cannot be accumulated with other form of shipping discount, system will automatically pick one with higher discount amount;
  6. SHIOK! shipping discount can be applied together with other form of service charge discount;
  7. Refer Cost and Fees for more shipping fee details;
  8. SGshop reserves the right of final explanation towards this discount.
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