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New Feature – Sign in to earn FREE SGshop Points! 18/10/2016

Dear valued customers,

Have you tried using our new website after the system upgrade? We hope you like our improved user-friendly interface and detailed description. In addition, there is also new feature – Signing Attendance

How to sign? Login to member center and simply click the green sign button  below the search bar on top right corner. Login every day to mark your attendance~

What is the benefit? This is a serious question, let us tell you – To Earn FREE SGshop Points!
Sign in 5 consecutive days for 80 points; 
Sign in 10 consecutive days for extra 100 points;
Sign in 15 consecutive days for extra 120 points;
Sign in 20 consecutive days for extra 150 points;
Sign in 25 consecutive days for extra 200 points;
Sign in 30 consecutive days for extra 300 points;

Which means if you sign in 30 consecutive days, you could get 950 member points in total! Wow, then you can use it to exchange for one RM10 e-coupon! Hehe, are you up for this challenge?
Kindly refer to Points System for more details.

Yours sincerely, 
SGshop Malaysia