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Subscribe Shiok 30% Off Shipping Before 11.11! 06/11/2020

Dear users,

As our daily life is being affected, Covid-19 also has a big impact on global logistics, causing international shipping cost to increase. As a result, we have made a hard decision to adjust the subscription fee to cope with the increasing shipping cost.

From 12 Nov 2020 onwards, the shiok 30% discount on international shipping fee remains the same, however the subscription fee is adjusted as follow:

    •     1-year subscription at RM188.00 remains unchanged.

    •     1-month subscription at RM18.80 is changed to 3-month subscription at RM55.80.

1-month subscription paid before 12 Nov will still enjoy the discount within its subscription period.

So, hurry up to subscribe for 1-month shiok before the effect takes place. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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