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Warehouse Operation Resumes on 25 February 2020 04/03/2020

Dear customer,

While the control over covid-19 outbreak is still ongoing, we are glad to announce that our warehouse operation resumes on 25 FebruaryWe are ready to perform jobs like receiving parcel, inspection, warehousing and cross border logistics.

For ‘Buy-for-me’ and ‘Smartshop’, purchase orders will be processed as soon as possible.

For ‘Ship-for-me’ orders, you can make purchase with seller and have your seller delivers order to our warehouse.

For past delivery orders which couldn’t ship out before Chinese New Year, will be shipped out since 25 Feb. However please be aware that there might be some delay as there are many orders piled up during covid outbreak period.

For new delivery orders, we will process as soon as possible too.

We have received a lot of feedback and encouragement from customers, thank you for your patience with us, your orders will be expedited right away.

Yours sincerely,

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