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SHIOK! 100% Rebate 10/11/2018

Dear valued customers,

Refer friend to subscribe SHIOK!

You earn the full rebates based on their subscription fees!

Subscribe SHIOK! Membership for 1 month @ RM18.80 OR 1 year @ RM188.00, then refer friends to subscribe SHIOK!, then you earn the rebate!
From 1 Nov to 30 Nov, upon successful invitation you will get full rebate (in SGreward) based on friends’ subscription amount.

The more friends you refer, the more rebate you will earn!

For e.g.
When you are within subscription, invite friend to subscribe 1 year @ RM188.00, you will get SGreward RM188.00; If you invite 5 more friends to subscribe 1 year @ RM188.00, you will get extra SGreward RM940.00; and it goes on.

**Terms & Conditions:
1. Share the exclusive link to your friends via social media, messaging apps or email, after your friends click the link and subscribe for SHIOK! successfully, you will receive an email notification of successful referral, which the rebate will then be credited to you as SGreward.
2. Referrer, the person who invites, must be in SHIOK! subscription period before sending out invitation;
3. Referee, the person who is being invited, must subscribe and pay for SHIOK! membership within activity period;
4. The invitation is considered successful when the subscription fee is paid by referee;
5. Referrer can invite as many friends as possible, upon each successful invitation, rebate will be automatically added into referrer’s SGreward account;
6. SGreward is like a shopping credit, it can be used to deduct item price, however it cannot be withdrawn, refer SGreward for more details;
7. SGshop reserves the right of final explanation towards this activity.

Enjoy Shopping,
SGshop Malaysia

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