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26/06/2018 Tariff

SGshop will declare the value according to the total value of each parcel. For parcel valued below USD 100 or weighted below 20KG, it may not be entitled to Tariff. For parcel with high value and weight above 20 KG, there is possibility that it will be entitled to Tariff by the customs. It is up to customs' decision whether to charge Tariff on the parcel, SGshop does not have control over occurrence of Tariff.

Suggestions below may will help you avoid possible occurrence of Tariff:

1.The weight of parcel is the vital factor for the customs to determine whether the usage of the item in the parcel is for civil usage or commercial usage. Parcel above 20KG is more likely to be considered as commercial usage.

2.If the parcel is weighted above 20KG, you may reduce the parcel weight by separating your orders into different parcel.

3.If the parcel contains the same item with larger quantity, it is also more likely to be considered as commercial usage. In such case you may place order and submit delivery separately.

4. It is up to the Customs' decision whether to charge Tariff to the parcel.

How would I know whether my parcel is being charged under Tariff?

The customs clearance company will notify you regarding the amount of Tariff if your parcel is being charged under Tariff.

You will be required to pay the Tariff amount to the customs clearance company, and therefore your parcel can be released from customs and arranged for delivery to your designated address.

For more information on Tariff

Kindly refer to http://tariff.customs.gov.my/

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