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14/01/2019 Other Charges

Over Length Item

According International shipping fee charge standard, for air shipping methods, the length of item measure over 110cm will additional charge RM200.00.

Value-added services:

Inspection (Only for Ship-For-Me service)
Inspection will be done accordingly base on the remarks given, at RM3.00 per order ID.

Wooden Crate
The wooden crate package for fragile items can be requested from SGshop for safety concerns. Our inspectors at china warehouse will inform you if the item requires wooden crate package after inspection.
The charge is RM 30 and above which will be up to the size [ Length * Width * Height (Based on CM) ] of the item.

Vacuum Service
SGshop provides vacuum pack services for applicable items (e.g: Soft Toys, Blankets, etc.).

Photo Shot
We offer Photo Shot service which charge RM3.00 for 5 pictures from different angles, which will help you get the view of item before received.

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