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12/03/2020 Speed Guarantee

Speed Guarantee Not Applicable During Covid-19 Period

At SGshop, we want to assure you that not only will a product be of optimal quality, it will also arrive on time. As such,

with our International Shipment Speed Guarantee, we promise shipment arrivals within the stated timing. Discounts will

be given for any delayed shipment, regardless of bad weather or custom clearance issues.

* All shipment delays will only be calculated on working days.

* Not applicable for pre-informed notices, public holidays or events.

* The maximum compensation amount per parcel is capped at RM100.00.

* Request for Speed Guarantee Compensation must be submitted within 15 calendar days from the date of receiving parcel (as shown in courier tracking site). 

Loss compensation Guarantee

SGshop provides compensation of up to RM100.00 for any purchases lost during transit. (Package loss rate is 0.1%).

* About custom-sensitive items, please refer to Customs Related.

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