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17/06/2019 Customs Related

Prohibited Item includes:

Potent poisons, biochemical product and controlled drugs; such as pesticides, cyanide, chlordane, raw plasma, tear gas, opiates, cocaine, heroin, etc.

Weaponry and valuables; such as control type knives, variety of weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition, artifacts, antiques, national currency (cash), gold, silver, platinum, jewels, pearls ivory, etc.

Counterfeit Goods and Copyright Items; public policies, moral standards, or applicable law; that include reactionary, obscene, indecent, seditious and treasonable newspaper, books, pictures, audio, video, CD, etc.  
* In the event that SGshop has detected the goods purchased/ordered by buyers are Counterfeits, SGshop will proceed to cancel the transactions and fully refund the transaction amount to buyer.

Raw materials; such as bones, ashes, coffin, animal bones, animal and plant pathogens, soil, fur, wood, quartz sand seeds and other natural material.

Radioactive, flammable and explosive material; such as lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, pyrotechnic articles (fireworks, crackers, etc), lighter, gas stove, firearms, oil, gasoline kerosene, benzene, turpentine, thinner, glue, air freshener, air compressed material, coal, titanium powder, sodium metal, magnetic, Powerbank, etc.

White Powder State Items. Example, flour, cosmetics, industrial materials, etc.

Prohibited food; such as frozen meat and seafood, easily perishables, dairy products, honey, eggs, alcohol, fruits, vegetables, sugar, etc.

List may be updated from time to time, kindly refer to Royal Malaysian Custom Department website for the latest update.

** You will be held responsible and liable if such items are confiscated or abandoned or if there is any extra cost incurred for purchasing and shipping such items. You also agree to fully defend, hold harmless, indemnify and reimburse SGshop in the event of any penalties imposed by any government authorities as a result of your requesting SGshop to ship in such items.

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