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10/05/2019 Order Status

Order Status

Pending Payment: Pending for payment / payment confirmation.

Confirmed: Payment received, we will purchase your order.

Purchased: Product has been purchased, waiting for merchant to provide their tracking number.

Towards warehouse (China): Product has been sent out by the merchant, waiting for arrival.

Pending for Inspection: Purchase has arrived at warehouse (China), our team will be proceeding with inspection.

Complete Inspection: Our team has completed inspecting your purchase.

Warehouse Entry: Items have arrived our warehouse (China).

Packing in Progress: The items under your parcel is packing for international shipping.

Loading in Progress: Waiting for the parcel to be loaded onto the shipment.

Pending Shipping : Arranging your parcel for the earliest shipment.

Sending to Malaysia: Parcel on its way towards Malaysia.

Arrived Malaysia: Parcel has arrived at the Malaysia while pending for home delivery.

Delivering: Parcel is on the way towards your doorstep.

Completed: Parcel being received successfully.

Problematic: Information of orders unclear. We are unable to proceed to the next step.

Order on hold: When one of your orders from the same purchase has encountered a problematic order, orders will stay on hold.

Exchanging: Processing return/refund with merchant for your defective product.

Refunded: Product is out of stock, balance has been credited to your SGshop account.

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