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14/01/2019 Select Products

Where do I go for online shopping?

The most popular Chinese e-site will be Taobao marketplace. Many small businesses and individual entrepreneurs have

their online stores on this platform. But there are many other Chinese e-sites too.

Below are the various websites which you can purchase from:




Please note that none of the above websites or any other e-commerce platform or other individual seller websites (collectively "Third Party Websites") nor any of the seller listed on such Third Party Website are howsoever associated with SGshop, nor does SGshop have any control over the act or omissions of any Third Party Websites and their listed sellers is solely at your own discretion and therefore your own risk. You agree to be fully liable for any counterfeit products that you purchase from the Third Party Websites and to fully indemnify SGshop for any expenses incurred or third party claims suffered as a result of your purchase of such counterfeit products and having SGshop bringing in such counterfeit products to you.

Understanding the logos of the third party sellers:

“7 Days Refund”
You can opt for a refund within 7 days of receiving your parcel in our China warehouse.
*Service fee & any domestic fee will be chargeable


This commitment is made voluntarily by the merchant.
Specifically, if the buyer received unauthentic  goods which are claimed to be authentic, the buyer has

the right to ask the merchant for a compensation of three times the amount paid.
*As SGshop is unable to verify the authenticity of purchased item, you may contact us via “Submit a

Ticket” with the photo of your item, Product ID and description of the received good if you have received a counterfeit item.

“Virtual lightning delivery service”
This is for consumers who purchase goods online. If the seller fails to fulfill his/her delivery commitment, consumers are able to request for claims.

“Digital and appliance repair service 30 days”
With this, merchants are committed on the basis of consumer protection services of unconditional free repair service within 30 days upon receipt of item.
*The 1st day starts once the item is received by the logistics centre in China.

“Third-parties inspection service”
Merchants to provide third-party inspection report in order to assure that the quality of their goods meets

the standards of Taobao.

More knowledge on merchant:

Points are given to merchants by customers who have purchased from them. The more the better, of course! Refer to the logos below to

gauge the merchants’ overall ratings in Taobao.

Below with the chart:

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