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How Can We Help You?

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  • How to use “SmartShop” service:

    One-time checkout, get what you want in 3 steps only.

  • How to use “Buy For Me” service:

    Our personal shoppers will help you to buy what you want and take care of all after-sale issues on your behalf. 

  • How to use “Ship For Me” services

    You sign up to get an overseas address (not a PO Box) and send all your purchases to that address, we ship all your stuffs to you. Simple and easy! 

  • What is the difference between “SmartShop”, “Buy For Me” and “Ship For Me”?

  • What does the inspection coverage include?

    Our inspection coverage includes checks on quantity, colour, size, design and obvious defects of purchased products. 

  • What are obvious defects and quality issues?

    Obvious defects are physical damages which can be spotted by visual observation of product appearance, such as a large stain on the fabric, broken glass, dent on metal, crack on woods, etc. Obvious defects are included in our inspection coverage.

    Quality issues refer to the quality/functionality of product, which are not included in our inspection coverage.

  • Is the inspection free?

    Yes, we provide free basic inspection with your purchase when you utilize SGshop's “SmartShop” & “Buy For Me” services to buy from third-party online sellers overseas. We believe in minimizing the risk of mistakes and damages so as to deliver a smooth and happy shopping experience. Fun fact: Do you know that up to 90% obvious mistakes can be found before shipment?

  • What are other value-added services following inspection?

    Our value-added-services include photo taking, wooden crate packaging and vacuum pack service. 

  • Can you verify the authenticity of my purchase?

    We are currently unable to verify the authenticity of products ordered. We advise you to check all information and photographs provided by sellers thoroughly, and to communicate with seller for any additional information if necessary. 

  • What is not included in inspection checks?

    Quality and expiry date of your purchases will not be included in our basic inspection. Additionally, our inspection services (whether basic or value-added) will not cover inspection for product authenticity, and inaccuracies not easily spotted by visual checking of product appearance, such as unbalanced stitching, petty scratch marks, poor durability, short life-span electronics, and functionality for electronics.

  • What is parcel consolidation? How does it work?

    Purchases come from different sellers and come in different packaging, and international shipping charges not only depend on the weight of the packages but on their sizes as well. Thus international shipping charges will be high for parcels without consolidation. By reducing unnecessary packaging, parcel consolidation helps to reduce international shipping costs and the risk of product damage due to improper packaging during shipment process.

  • Can I consolidate my purchases into one bigger parcel?

    Yes, you can. After your purchases arrive at our China warehouse, you can select your purchases and combine them into single shipment.

  • Can I consolidate different purchases from individual sellers to be shipped out together?

    Yes, different purchases can be consolidated and shipped out together if they share the same international shipping method.

  • Is repackaging service chargeable?

    We provide free repackaging service. For lightweight bulky items (e.g. soft toys) or fragile cargo (e.g. mirror), we recommend you to opt for value-added-services such as vacuum packaging or wooden crates packaging to reduce risk of damage during international shipment.

  • What is not removed during repackaging?

    Original packaging of products and protection packaging for fragile items will not be removed in the process of repackaging.

  • Why is my parcel weight not reduced after repackaging?

    Our repackaging service will generally reduce the weight or volumetric weight of your purchases after taking away unnecessary space. However, if there is no room for further reduction, parcel weight or volumetric weight will not be reduced.

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