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1-7 MAY 2019
(50% Service Fee + 15% Air Shipping)
11-13 MAY 2019
Mother's Day
(10% Sea Shipping Off)
15-20 MAY 2019
SGreward Shard
(Earn SGreward)
21-31 MAY 2019
Green Pao Rain
(Win Green Pao)
21-31 MAY 2019
Green Pao Rain
(Win Green Pao)
How To Play
Grab Green Packet to win RM10, RM5 and RM2 SGreward during 21 May - 31 May, you have unlimited times of entry to grab your Green Packet by clicking “Ready Go” below! Try your luck right now~
Terms & Conditions:
1. This activity is valid from 21 May 2019 to 31 May 2019;
2. Each user has unlimited entries during event period to grab the Green Packet, SGreward will be given away randomly;
3. SGreward can only be used to offset item price;
4. Refer SGreward for more information;
5. Check SGreward balance at Member Center;
6. SGshop reserves the right of final explanation towards this activity.
The luck is always with you!
Please try again next time!
RM2 SGreward




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